Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

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  • Version: (UBCD4Win) 3.60

Get to know your drives

Ultimate Boot CD is a very helpful diagnostics tool that is developed to run, check, and save the available drives and utility tools of your PC on another bootable drive. This is extremely useful and convenient for people whose computers are at a high risk of breaking down completely.

Basically, Ultimate Boot CD is a software that will help you preserve the important utilities and tools in your PC that are necessary in order to boot it up again. It may be in its name but you are not required to save your tools on a CD. Just a simple USB device with enough storage will. Part of this program’s task is to make your computer think that you are saving its important components in a CD. You are pretty much doing a salvage and rescue operation through Ultimate Boot CD. This is made for users whose computers are at the brink of breaking down inevitably in the near future. The interface is text-based and very simple. From here, you can select which utility tool you would like to run and save on your device. The bootable drive can be run and act as the computer’s main utility tools source once it finally gives up and breaks down.


  • Effectively saves important utilities and tools
  • Does not require CD
  • Very helpful


  • May be confusing to use at first
  • Outdated interface

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Ultimate Boot CD for Windows


Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (UBCD4Win) 3.60

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  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Another Misleading Downloader program.
    I am looking for the advertised product (Ultimate Boot CD for Windows) NOT your downloaderMore

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